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Over the years, Bonvive has become home to people looking for optimal experiences in the fields of healthcare and Indian spices. My Medi Assistant (MMA) provides a reliable and robust platform for patients looking for the healing touch. Similarly, Bonvive Spices opens up an alluring world of exotic spices packaged with the finest aroma, taste, color and high in active ingredients that money can buy.

Our Products

My Medi Assistant

The idea behind the MMA app has been conceptualized, designed and promoted by experienced healthcare experts at Bonvive. This app allows users to take good care of themselves and their loved ones with regards to addressing all kinds of health concerns.

• From getting appointments with the best doctors to booking laboratory tests, storing medical records safely and more, this app does it all for its users.

• My Medi Assistant is a far-reaching, definitive platform that allows health care providers, pathologists and laboratory test providers to develop their online presence. It allows them to grow their establishments and nurture more fruitful relationships with patients.

Bonvive Spices

With quality being a necessity rather than an option, the demands presented by the Indian spice industry are indeed tall. As Bonvive gears up to spice up lives, we deliver the best quality products to offer the perfect taste for all cuisines and recipes.

• As one of the fastest growing spice brands, we take pride in offering a wide range of blends and whole spices

• Each pack of spice produced by us provides the highest standards of freshness, purity, flavor, aroma and authenticity.

• Our spices are delivered in the best possible condition to end users via a smartly designed, accelerated and efficient distribution model.

Core Values

We provide easy, simple and hassle-free healthcare and spicy experiences at all times. As our work will impacts the lives of millions of people, we stand guided in our beliefs and actions to perform earnestly and righteously.


Our long list of handpicked doctor profiles has been scrutinized and verified in terms of qualifications, licensure and specialization. The spices to our name adhere to all benchmarked standards of quality and performance.


We desire to do good at all times; and we strive for excellence in whatever we do. We intend to make Bonvive the shining star of the healthcare and spice industries. We promise to include sound practices, strong service mottoes and the right inspirations to make a difference to the lives of one and all.